GoogleTranslate Bookmarklet

I won't be updating this anymore!
Google offers now their own automatic translation bookmarklets. there is no need for this script anymore.
Thanks for visiting, now go and use the official ones!
This shows Google's translation of the current page.
Bookmark the script and click it when you need a translation to English.

Bookmark this: GoogleTranslate.
(Drag and drop or right click and select "Bookmark this link".)

Old bookmark: GoogleTranslate.

News and some use(less|ful) info:
Updated the script for the English translations.
Google changed something and it translated to my language (as you may notice from my spelling, I am not native English speaker) and not to the English.

Translations to my language were awful and I want it to translate to English. I kept the old version available if someone prefers that.
Updated language list (on the left side).
Added escape function as a poor man's urlencode. Script should work better now in pages with special characters.
Small but important changes to the code, update your bookmark(s). Google changed policy and you need a language pair definition in every query or it won't work.
NOTE: You don't need to care about that, it is in the script, just bookmark it and click it on a foreign page.
First version. It works!

If the script stops working or you just want to edit it for your needs, feel free to do it, the code is very simple.

If you want to be sure your translations will work, use those official Browser Buttons from Google (here), then you need a separate bookmark for every single language. And that's the main reason why this bookmarklet exists.

Haha. You can't see this.

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